Dowager Queen of England
1844 – 1925 A.D.

Alexandra, Dowager Queen of England. She was the daughter of Christian IX, King of Denmark, and was married to Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, in 1863. For thirty-seven years, as Princess of Wales, she took part, along with her husband, in numerous public and state functions.

In 1901 she became Queen of England, on the accession of her husband as Edward VII. Throughout her life, both as Princess of Wales and as queen, she displayed deep interest in philanthropic agencies, especially in the London hospitals, and participated actively in the efforts made to succor the wounded soldiers and to support the widows and orphans of those who have fallen in war.

On the death of Edward VII in 1910, when her son became King as George V, she assumed the title of Queen Mother. Beautiful in her youth, always kindly and considerate with her subjects, Alexandra was enshrined in the hears of the English people for more than three-score years with an affection such has fallen to the lot of few queens in history.


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