Emma CalvéEmma Calvé
French Dramatic Soprano
1858 – 1942 A.D.

Emma Calvé, stage name of Emma de Roquer, a French dramatic soprano. Born of a Spanish father and a French mother she was brought upon a convent school. After studying under Laborde and Marchesi, she appeared successfully in 1884 at the Théâtre des Italiens.

Since then she has sung in all the principal cities of Europe. For some years she was one of the stars at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, where she gave her memorable impersonation of Carmen. After 1909 she practically abandoned the stage, devoting her time to concert tours, and helping young girls to study in Paris. In 1921 she sang in New York, with her art unimpaired.

Mme. Calvé’s voice is a rich soprano with a contralto-like low register, and her dramatic powers are of the highest order.


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