Mathilde MarchesiMathilde Marchesi
French Singing Teacher
1826 – 1913 A.D.

Mathilde Marchesi, a French singing teacher, born at Franklin-on-the-Main. She studied in Vienna and Paris and appeared as a concert singer in London and on the continent. Her voice was pleasing, but not remarkable.

In 1852 she married the Italian baritone singing master, Salvatore Marchesi, and took up her work as a teacher of singing. She eventually fixed her resirence [sic] in Paris and succeeded in making her salon one of the most important circles of musical life in the city.

She published several books on vocalism [sic], but is chiefly celebrated for the great singers who studied with her. Among her pupils were Etelka Gerster, Nellie Melba, Emma Eames, Emma Calvé, Sibyl Sanderson and Frances Alda.


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