Women of Faith

Sarah Adams – Hymn Writer

Anne Askew – Martyr

Gladys Aylward – Missionary to China

Margaret Beaufort – Mother of King Henry VII of England

Blandina – Slave Girl of Lyons

Catherine Booth 1829 – 1890 by Toni Gonzales

Catherine of Siena – Saintly woman from Italy

Amy Carmichael Founder of Dohnavur Fellowship

Fanny Crosby : Hymn Writer

Deborah : Biblical Leader

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) – French Heroine and Martyr

Lois Dodds Ministry to Missionaries

Dorcas The Queen of the Needle

Katharine Marie Drexel – Missionary to Native Americans

Emeline Dryer – Christian Educator and Administrator

Elizabeth of Hungary – Saintly Princess

Madame Guyon – Mystic


Selina Hastings Countess of Huntingdon Patroness of Revival

Laura Smith Haviland – Wesleyan Pioneer

Pauline Hord – Woman of Prayer

Anne Hutchinson – Advocate for Religious Freedom

Ann Judson – Missionary to the Far East

Lydia A.D. 53 – The First Christian Convert in Europe

Mary Magdalene – Faithful Friend

Mary – Mother of Jesus

Martha and Mary – The Bethany Sisters

Aimee Semple McPherson – Well-Known Woman Evangelist

Henrietta Mears – Sunday School Teacher

Lottie Moon – Missionary to China

Phoebe – Deaconess of Cenchrea

Rahab – The Scarlet Woman of Christmas

Pandita Rambai – Bible Translator & Defender of Child Widows

Ruth – The Foreign Woman

Eliza Shirley – Pioneer for the Salvation Army in America

Mary Slessor – Missionary to Cannibals

Susannah Spurgeon – 1832 – 1892

Tamar – The Forgotten Woman of Christmas

Mother Teresa – Compassionate Servant of God

Susanna Wesley – Mother of Methodism

Women and the Cross

Sabina Wurbrand – The Voice of the Martyrs