Early America

Abigail Smith Adams: Women’s Rights Proponent and First Lady

Abigail Adams: A Legacy of Resilience

Louisa May Alcott – American Writer

Mary C. Ames – American Author

Sarah Franklin Bache – A.D. 1744 – 1808

Clara Barton – Great Leader in the Red Cross Movement

Catherine Beecher – Pioneer in the Movement for the Higher Education of Women in the U.S.

Elizabeth Blackwell – The First Woman Who Ever Obtained a Medical Diploma in the U.S.

Mary Louise Booth – American Journalist and Translator

Belle Boyd – A Woman of Principal

Molly Brant – Mohawk Loyalist

Frances E. H. Burnett – American Author

Fanny Crosby – Blind American Hymn Writer

Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts – English Philanthropist

Charlotte Saunders Cushman – American Actress

Pauline Cushman – Civil War Spy

Varina Anne Davis – Daughter of the Confederacy

Emily Dickinson – American Poet

Dorothea Lynde Dix – American Philanthropist

Mary E. M. Dodge – American Editor, Author and Poet

Sarah P. H. Doremus – American Philanthropist

Fanny Fern (Mrs. Parton) – American Authoress and Journalist

Alice C. Fletcher – American Ethnologist

Margaret Fuller – American Critic and Essayist

Abigail Gibbons – American Philanthropist

Emily Geiger – Teenage Revolutionary War Heroine

Sarah Josepha Hale – American Editor and Author

Nancy Hanks – Mother of Abraham Lincoln

Phoebe A. Hearst – American Philanthropist

Jenny Hodgers – Civil War Soldier

Harriet Hosmer – American Sculpter

Rachel Jackson – First Lady

Martha G. Kimball – American Philanthropist and War Nurse

Martha J. R. Lamb – American Historian

Lucy Larcom – American Poet

Clemence S. Lozier – American Physician

Mary Lyon – American Teacher

Dolley Madison – American Icon

Elizabeth Storrs Mead – First President of Mount Holyoke College

Maria Mitchell – American Astronomer

Rebecca Motte – Ardent Patriot

Susan M. Osborne – American Philanthropist

Alice Freeman Palmer – American Educator

Cynthia Ann Parker – Comanche Captive

Mary Young Pickersgill – Maker of the “Star Spangled Banner”

Molly Pitcher – Revolutionary War Hero

Pocahontas – Indian Heroine of Colonial Times

Ann Preston – American Physician and Educator

Betsy Ross – Maker of America’s First Flag

Sacajawea – Shoshone Woman

Deborah Sampson – A Soldier of the Revolution

Margaret E. Sangster – American Author and Editor

Mrs. Russell Sage – American Philanthropist

Lydia H. Sigourney – American Writer of Prose and Poetry

Sophia Smith – America Philanthropist and Founder of Smith College

Carrie Adell Strahorn

Daring Doctor Sofie By Cynthia Sterling

Miss Bessie Stevens – Just A Country Schoolteacher

Celia Thaxter – American Poet

Sarah Elizabeth Thompson – Tennessee Widow and Spy

Ella Flagg Young – American Educator

Dr. Mary Walker – American Surgeon, Pioneer in Feminine Dress Reform and Woman Suffrage

Martha Washington – Wife of the First President of the United States

Jane Wilkinson Long – Mother of Texas

Emma Hart Willard – Leader in the American Movement for the Higher Education of Women

Susannah Winslow – Sailed to America on the Mayflower

Catherine L. Wolfe – American Philanthropist

Pilgrim Women