The Arts

Hannah Adams – American Historical Writer

Louisa May Alcott – Author of Little Women and Little Men

Jane Austen A.D.- 1775-1817 Great English Novelist

Joanna Baillie – Scotch Poetess and Dramatist

Hildegard Von Bingen – Medieval Writer

Carol Jacobs-Bond – American Songwriter

Rosa Bonheur – The Eminent Animal Painter

Fredrika Bremer – Swedish Novelist of Home Life

Charlotte Bronté – English Novelist

Elizabeth B. Browning – A.D. 1800-1861 English Poetess

Pearl Buck – Writer and Humanitarian

Frances Hodgson Burnett – Dialect Story Writer

Vittoria Colonna – Italian Poet

Fanny Crosby – Hymn Writer and Poet

Charlotte Cushman – American Actress

Madame D’Arblay (Fanny Burney) – English Authoress and Social Leader

Emily Dickinson –  19th Century Poet

Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton) – American Authoress

Maria Edgworth  – English Novelist

Amelia B. Edwards – English Novelist and Egyptologist 1831-1892

Elizabeth C. Gaskell – English Novelist of Industrial Life 1810-1865

Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer –  Advice Columnist

Lisa del Giocondo – “Mona Lisa”

Sarah Josepha Hale – 19th Century Author and Editor

Elizabeth Hamilton  – Irish Author and Educator

Felicia Dorothea Hemans – English Poet & Dramatist

Marietta Holley – 19th Century American Author

Harriet G. Hosmer  – American Sculptor 1830 – 1908

Vinnie Ream Hoxie –  American Sculptor

Elizabeth Inchbald – English Actress, Dramatist and Novelist

Jean Ingelow  – Popular English Poetess 1820-1897

Mahalia Jackson – Queen of Gospel Music

Anna Jameson – British Authoress

Helen Keller – Writer & Lecturer and Advocate for the Handicapped

Clara Louise Kellogg – American Opera Singer

Louise Labé – French Poet

Adelina Maria – Patti Opera Singer

Lucy Larcom Mill Girl – Teacher, and Poetess 1826-1893

Mary Russell Mitford – English Authoress

Dinah Maria Mulock (Mrs. Craik) – Author of John Halifax, Gentleman

Jenny Lind -The World’s Sweetest Singer 1821-1887

Sarah Jane Lippincott – The Legendary “Grace Greenwood”

Hannah More – English Author & Philanthropist

Mary Murfee – Novelist

Margaret Oliphant – Scottish Novelist and Biographer 1828 – 1897

Margaret Fuller Ossoli – American Authoress 1810-1850

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps – Author of Gates Ajar

Catharine Philips – Earliest English Sentimental Writer

Jane & Anna Maria Porter – English Romantic Novelists

Beatrix Potter –  Author of Peter Rabbit

Lady Dorothy Pakington – Authoress and Moralist

Euphrosyne Parepa Rosa  – Singer

Margaret E. Sangster – Author & and Editor of Harper’s Bazaar

Catharine Maria Sedgwick – Authoress and Teacher

Sarah Siddons  – Actress

Lydia H. Sigourney – American Writer of Prose and Poetry

Edith Sitwell  –   Modern Poet

Agnes Strickland – English Historical and Biographical Writer

Mary Virginia Terhune  – Author

Maria Tallchief – Prima Ballerina 1925

Frances Trollope  – English Critic of American Domestic Life

Charlotte M. Yonge – English Novelist and Historian

Phillis Wheatley  – First African-American Writer of Consequence

Laura Ingalls Wilder  –  Pioneer & Author